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The Easiest Way To Embed Gists Using the WordPress 5 Block Editor

Plugin Description:

Gistr WordPress Plugin allows you to easily embed Gists from GitHub in your WordPress site. Simply enter the Gist ID in the Gistr Post Block and viola! Gistr was developed especially for the Block Editor (Gutenberg) experience in WordPress 5.0+ and will not work if you have disabled it.

Gistr is a WordPress Plugin implementation of Gist Embed by Blair Vanderhoof.

Live Demo:

The following Gist was embedded as a Gutenberg block using the Gistr plugin:

WordPress Plugin Features:

  • Embed Gist by pasting the Gist ID into the options box (that’s it!)
  • Hide/show line numbers
  • Highlight rows
  • Show all or select line numbers
  • Hide Gist footer
  • Cache Gist

Planned Features

  • Gist Themes!
  • Show Gist in Editor like (rather then placeholder block)


Beautifully embedded code

Beautifully embedded code

just paste your Gist ID

Just paste your Gist ID

Easily change options for each gist

Easily change options for each Gist


  • Easiest Installation
    • Open your WordPress Dashboard, and navigate to Plugins -> Add New.
    • Search for Gistr and follow the install prompts.
  • Manual Installation
    • Download plugin zip file
    • Unzipping the and upload the /gistr/ folder to your /wp-content/plugins/ folder on your web server.
    • Navigate to the Plugins area on your WordPress Dashboard and activate Gistr


To embed a Gist, add a new Block to either a Post or Page. When selecting the Block Type, scroll down to Embed, then click on Gistr.

Paste the Gist ID into the input box of the Gist Block. The Gist ID is the numbers and letters after the username in the Gist URL. For example, if this is the Gist URL:

Then the Gist ID is all the characters after the /myusername/.

Configure the settings of the Gist in the Options Panel on the right (accessible while the Gistr block is selected). Here can you chose to disable line numbers, hide the Gist footer, enable caching of Gist, enter lines of code to highlight, and even which lines from the Gist to display.


GPLv2 or later

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